In line with enhanced pubic safety measures, all Challenger stores will be closed temporarily from 7 April to 1 June 2020. Shop 24/7 on to have your IT product needs delivered to your doorstep. In-store collection will not be available. For latest updates, please log in to your ValueClub app or follow our Telegram channel and Facebook page.

In the event where you are unable to collect your order in person, you may appoint a proxy to collect on your behalf by submitting an authorisation form here (after you have received Your order is now ready for Self Collection email).

Do note that any amendments of the collection store/ proxy are not allowed. 

To access the authorisation form section:

Category> Fulfillment>Fulfilment Options>Authorisation Form

After successful submission, you will receive an email acknowledging your request and the proxy may proceed to collect at the selected store with these following documents:  

1. Soft copy of Your order is now ready for Self collection email
2. Proxy's NRIC / Passport / FIN for verification purposes *only

*NRIC/ FIN/ Passport will only be used to verify your name and photo as part of the security process for self collection.