Quotation can only be generated for active existing ValueClub members. Please sign up (if you do not have a ValueClub account) first and in a separate transaction, proceed to add items to cart to generate a quotation.

  1. To generate a quotation, please add the item to cart and select Checkout to proceed to the billing page. You may       enter any coupon code subjecting to its respective T&Cs.

2. Select the option Switch to corporate purchase under Billing Address.

3. Fill in the details required under Company Details and click Save and Update Company Details to create your  company profile,

4.   Enter your shipping address at the bottom of the page if your order contains standard delivery items and proceed      to Generate Quotation.


5.  Select YES, CREATE QUOTATION to confirm and an email with the quotation details will be sent to your registered email address. 

    You may also view your quotations in your ACCOUNT > TRANSACTIONS > CORPORATE QUOTATIONS. 


6.   Your web page will be redirected to your generated quotation. To exit, click BACK from your browser to proceed to your ACCOUNT page.   

Learn more about proceeding with the purchase of the quotation here

Learn more about making a corporate purchase without a quotation here.