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What is Student Plus Membership?

From 1 October 2019, all existing Student Membership will automatically be converted to Student Plus Membership with $100 spent within 12 months of their Complimentary Student Membership. The option to convert student membership to a full ValueClub 28-month membership has ended on 01 October 2019. Kindly click HERE for more information.

Student Plus Membership is a 28-month membership. This membership is inclusive of the initial complimentary 12 months membership given to students. Student Plus members will earn 1.5% rebates (including 0.5% bonus), if applicable, for each qualifying purchase. Upon expiry of Student Plus Membership, members may choose to upgrade to any of our membership tier stated HERE.

Student membership cannot be used to invite associate members. Students can instead refer* their fellow students to join our Complimentary Student Membership.


Terms & conditions apply.

*Student membership referral campaign - 1 Oct to 31 December 2019

  • Student members stand to win $888^ vouchers or $88 rebates by referring their friends to join our Complimentary Student Membership. 
  • 3 sets of $888 voucher and 6 sets of rebates voucher will be given away monthly.

^The $888 coupon is only applicable for purchase of PC/Notebook, Smartphone, and tablets.

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