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Why is NRIC/FIN/Passport No. being removed as the log in ID?

Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) has released enhanced advisory guidelines for NRIC and other National IDs on 31 August 2018. Under the updated guidelines, organisations are generally not allowed to collect, use or disclose NRIC numbers from 1 September 2019. This also applies to Birth Certificate numbers, FIN and Work Permit numbers. While passport numbers are periodically replaced, they too are important identification numbers that can serve the same purposes as the NRIC and FIN numbers. More information on Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) here.

In our efforts to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud, we have ceased collecting of such data. From 1 October 2018, the email and contact number will serve as your ValueClub account log in instead. This will also align with PDPC’s new guidelines effective 1 September 2019.

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