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How do I use my eCredits?

You may utilize your eCredits in the Challenger stores during payment and Hachi payment page.


> Challenger stores

Simply inform our cashier staff that you would like to utilise your eCredits and provide your Coupon No. found in your ACCOUNT > EWALLET > ECREDITS or via the ValueClub App. 


> Payment

When your eCredits available is less than your initial Grand total.

eCredits available: $0.97 

Initial Grand total: $15.90

Balance due: $14.93

Please select your eCredits to utilize and select the mode of payment to pay for the balance due. 




When your eCredits available is equivalent to/more than your Sub-Total.

eCredits available: $0.97 

Initial Grand total: $1.00

Balance due: $0.00

Please select the eCredits available to utilize and Payment Mode.

You will not be required to select any Mode of payment (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) as your Balance due is $0.00, hence please click on 'Pay with Complete Purchase" to transact. 


Please also note that the remaining eCredits (if any) will be forfeited. 





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