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What are the different modes of refund?


Refund via eCredits (For purchases less than S$150 or involving multiple payment modes or eWallet purchases) 

Refund will be credited and reflected in your account within 5 working days. 

Please click here to learn more about your eCredits. 


Refund via original mode of payment (For non-eWallet purchases more than S$150 only)

As time is required by the respective banks to clear and officially approve of the refund, we kindly seek your understanding and patience as a buffer period of 10 days will be needed to allow a period of time to lapse before the refund is formally reflected on your statement. 


Refund via Instalment Plan

In the event of an Instalment Plan refund, the respective banks may charge an early settlement fee and you are advised to contact your bank for more information. 

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