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How do I renew my ValueClub membership?


Renew your ValueClub membership by following these methods: 

Method 1 - via

1. Log into your ValueClub account
2. Add the item to cart on the Membership page  OR click into Account > Membership Details where you will see the 'Renew Membership' button


Method 2 - via

1. Log into your Challenger account
2. Hover over ACCOUNT and select Membership Details
3. Select Renew and enter your credit/debit card details


Method 3 - via Challenger stores

Inform the cashier that you would like to renew your membership and you will be able to make payment via the counter.


Note: New membership expiry will be two years after your first expiry date regardless of the date of renewal. (Applicable when you renew before your expiry date) 


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