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How are Hachi rebate awarded?

With effect from 1 July 2016, all Hachi points will be converted to Hachi rebate.

The percentage of Hachi rebate awarded will be stated clearly on each individual product page as seen in the below product where the rebate awarded is 25%.


 Hachi rebate awarded is rounded down to the nearest cent.

 Hachi rebate WILL NOT be awarded for:

  • Membership fees paid
  • Hachi eGift Card
  • Discounted amount using Hachi rebates or coupon codes
  • Services such as delivery, Star Shield Extended Warranty, OTS installation services and product repair.

Example 1: You purchase an item for $88 with 10% Hachi rebate. You will hence earn $8.80 Hachi rebate that can be used to offset your next purchase.

Example 2: You purchased more than 1 item and utilized your existing rebates during the purchase.

Please refer to below table for the rebates breakdown. 

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