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How do I proceed with a purchase for my quotation?

1) After you have successfully generated your quotation, please proceed to your Corporate Quotations page and refer to the quotation you would like to purchase and click ADD TO CART.



2) You will be redirected to the unique Cart page. 

Kindly note that due to campaigns/price/real-time inventory constraints, the final price and inventory will be calculated at cart after items are added to cart. The cart will display if there is a change in price by reflecting either.

To confirm your cart, proceed to the Billing page. 



3) Please review your company Billing and Shipping address (if applicable) and proceed to Payment. aaa.png


4) You may apply your eWallet to pay for the Grand Total or simply select a mode of payment to proceed and make payment.



5) Success! Your quotation has been purchased and you can view them under your corporate invoices here

Your Invoice order will be processed and you will receive an Order confirmation email. Your order will be fulfilled according to its mode of delivery. Please click here to learn more regarding your order fulfilment 

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