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What are the eGift card T&Cs?

ValueClub eGift card terms & conditions:

- Activation of the eGift card by the recipient is required before use.

- eGift card can only be used on orders associated with the intended recipient’s original account.

- eGift card can only be used online for and Shop In Store purchases but not in Challenger stores.

- eGift card cannot be transferable, nor redeemable or refunded for cash.

- eGift card expire 60 days from the date of purchase. We regret to inform that no extensions are allowed.

- Coupon codes are not applicable for eGift card purchase.

- Partial utilisation is not allowed. Any unused balance will be forfeited.

- Purchase amount exceeding the value of the tendered eGift card will require an additional payment for the balance due.

- Refunds for orders paid with eGift card credits will be refunded back as eCredits.

- ValueClub rebates are not awarded on purchase of eGift card.

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